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401k’s, IRA’s, Investments, Company Plans, Trusts, and the Like.

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Taxes, Debits, Credits,  the IRS and Much, Much, Much, Much More……

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Personal Finance

Budgeting, Insurance, Debt, Kids, Education, Tips and Everything Else……

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LLC and Corporation Formation, Filings and Forms and Business Documents…….

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Do I Have To Have A Contingent Beneficiary?

When it comes to filling out the forms, primary beneficiaries on retirement accounts, life insurance, and annuities are usually pretty easy to identify.  Typically, the spouses name each

Showdown: CPA vs. Financial Advisor

… It’s a showdown, in a no-man’s land  For the cowboy of the modern day. Come on, sundown, don’t be hangin’ ’round, ‘Cause the cowboy will blow you away…

How Do I Deduct Website Costs?

Websites have become such an important part in a company’s ongoing marketing platform.  From Mom and Pop blogs that bring in significant revenue by themselves, to Mom and